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Barony of Vatavia

The Barony of Vatavia is a regional group within the Kingdom of Calontir.   We are members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, better known as the SCA.  Vatavia is home to Wichita, Kansas, and the greater surrounding area.  We have members from as far away as Peabody, Pratt, and Winfield!

The SCA is an international organization renowned for its dedication towards researching and recreating aspects of the Middle Ages, not as they were, but as we would have liked them to have been.  The SCA mostly concentrates on studying European History, but many members have chosen to study the Middle East and explore the interaction between Europe and Asia during this period.

If you are unfamiliar with the Society for Creative Anachronism, check out the Society's Introduction Guide for an explanation about the organization and what it is we do.

If you are already familiar with how we do things, great!  Our site provides additional information about the events and people of interest within Vatavia, and you are always welcome to come join us Wednesday evenings at American Legion Post 256.  We always have something going on - be sure to check out our Interest Groups page for more information and directions to many of our activities!

Please note that you need not be a member to participate in any of our activities. If you have any questions, or would like help getting involved, please visit our Chatelaine page or contact our Chatelaine directly.  We'd love to hear from you!

Greetings and Warm Salutations to the Populace of Vatavia,

It is both an honor and a privilege to serve the Barony of Vatavia as your next Baron and Baroness. This is a task that we do not take lightly. It is with the knowledge and hopes that we continue on a firm path of growth and prosperity forged for all of us, through the hard work of the past baronages and members of Vatavia. We are here to serve you, so please feel free to offer any suggestions, comments, and ideas. We are always here to listen. Please keep in mind that if we do not follow your suggestion immediately, we must take the whole barony into consideration, and often things take time and patience to put into place. We have admired the strong bonds of communication that Their Excellencies Uldin and Sung have forged through weekly updates and an active presence on the book of faces. We wish to try and continue this legacy. Please be patient with us as we have a steep learning curve and big shoes to fill.

We wish to Thank Their Royal Majesties and the Populace of Vatavia for their trust in us to lead the Barony and continue to build for a strong, solid, future.

We want to Congratulate those who received special recognition at the Lilies War including Johann on his Elevation to the Order of the Pelican. Kennocht who received his Leather Mallet , Scopti of Westumbria who received his second Award of Arms, and Rodrick for winning the 100 arrow shoot. We are so proud of your accomplishments.

In Service and love,
Baron Lawrence Tailifer the Leech and Baroness Genevieve de Chambery

The Week of June 17th - What is Happening in Vatavia Here is a listing of the scheduled local activities, announcements, and Kingdom events.

Wednesday June 19th
Populace Meeting and Court
TE Lawrence and Genevieve will hold their first court for exchanging the Oaths of Service for the Officers and Champions. They will also present awards given by Their Royal Majesties Donngal and Catalina in absentia to the populace at Lilies war.
Bring your current projects to work on, and songs to sing. Please come sit, visit and relax in the company of friends.
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
VFW Post 112, 1560 South Topeka Street, Wichita, KS 67212

Sunday June 23nd
Archery Practice, Armored Combat & Cut and Thrust Practice
10:00am - 3:00pm
OJ Watson Park, 2683 South McLean Blvd, Wichita, KS 67217 We are located in the back of the park past the concessions across from the sand volleyball courts.

Kingdom & Society Events

This is an open weekend for the Kingdom of Calonir

Known World Costuming & Fiber Arts Symposium - Meridias
June 21 - 23,Carrollton, Georgia,

Award Recommendations
There are many good, hardworking, creative people in this Barony and Kingdom who are worthy of Recognition. Please send in award recommendations for all the wonderful things you have seen here at home as well as around the Kingdom. Anyone may write a recommendation for any award, regardless if you are a member of the order or not. Please donít hesitate, It will only take a few minutes of your time, but it can bring so much joy and love to others.
Kingdom Award Recommendation Form -
Kingdom Order of Precedence -

Lines of Communication
Keep up with updates and cancellations by signing up on our mailing list ( ) or joining us on Facebook ( ). See whatís ahead by adding our Baronial Calendar (|list ) and visiting the Kingdom Calendar (

Baron Lawrence Tailifer the Leech and Baroness Genevieve de Chambery

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