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Barony of Vatavia

The Barony of Vatavia is a regional group within the Kingdom of Calontir.   We are members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, better known as the SCA.  Vatavia is home to Wichita, Kansas, and the greater surrounding area.  We have members from as far away as Peabody, Pratt, and Winfield!

The SCA is an international organization renowned for its dedication towards researching and recreating aspects of the Middle Ages, not as they were, but as we would have liked them to have been.  The SCA mostly concentrates on studying European History, but many members have chosen to study the Middle East and explore the interaction between Europe and Asia during this period.

If you are unfamiliar with the Society for Creative Anachronism, check out the Society's Introduction Guide for an explanation about the organization and what it is we do.

If you are already familiar with how we do things, great!  Our site provides additional information about the events and people of interest within Vatavia, and you are always welcome to come join us Wednesday evenings at Martinson Avenue Christian Church.  We always have something going on - be sure to check out our Interest Groups page for more information and directions to many of our activities!

Please note that you need not be a member to participate in any of our activities. If you have any questions, or would like help getting involved, please visit our Chatelaine page or contact our Chatelaine directly.  We'd love to hear from you!

Evening Vatavia!

This quarter's Dragonflyre has been published and released. You may find it at Past issues are available here as well. Thank you Honorable Lady Sorcha ORiain for your work in publishing such a spectacular newsletter!

We are elated that so many of you venture forth to Westumbria for their Champions event. Thank you Westumbria for the invitation! We never have more fun than when we are all together.

Here are this weeks scheduled activities:

Local Activities & Events

Wednesday, October 19th
Populace Gathering
7:00pm-9:00pm, VFW Post 112, 1560 South Topeka Street, Wichita, KS 67211
Baron Uldin of Ravenscroft and Baroness Sung Sai-rh will be holding court. All members of the populace who have business to conduct during court are asked to please contact the Caltrop Pursuivant, Honorable Lord Jhann Steinarsson, through e-mail (

Have a Heraldic banner? Bring it to Populace this week and proudly display your device! If your banner is still in progress, thats fine. Bring it out. We want to see them!

Sunday, October 23rd
Fall Fight -
Archery, Armored Combat, Cut & Thrust Practices
10:00am-2:00pm, OJ Watson Park, 3022 S McLean Blvd, Wichita, KS 67217
Come one come all to Vatavia's last outdoor practice of the year. There will be a pot luck, burgers provided by Their Excellencies Uldin of Ravenscroft and Sung Sai-rh. There will be armored combat, cut & thrust, and archery tournaments, along with bardic as well as an arts and sciences competition. Come in garb and be ready to kiss the warm weather goodbye!!!

Please call Lord Magnus OCarr [Torin] at (316) 640-7836 for more information.

Kingdom & Society Events

Friday, October 21st - Sunday, October 23rd
Horses and Heroes -
5:00pm Friday - 3:00pm Sunday, Shire March of Grimfells; Ponderosa Campground, 1305 Ponderosa Rd, Pineville MO 64856 Come and be a Hero, and compete or cheer for your favorite Horse and riders! Prove your skill with a bow, learn from craftsmen, show your crafting skill, eat the finest of feasts, and prove your steel on the list field!!

Their Royal Majesties will be meeting with the following orders: Boga-Fyrd, Boga-Hirth, Eo-Fyrd, and Eo-Hirth.

Dont Forget

Our Zevack, Honorable Lord Jhann Steinarsson, is hosting a Bardic Night at his home on October 21st.

The Barony will once again be supporting Night of the Living Zoo. This year it is held October 28th-30th. The deadline to be added to the list of participants is October 23rd, please let Her Excellency Marie Chantal Delaire ( know if you are interested in attending.

Exploration Place: Masks and Costuming. We have a demo at Exploration Place on October 30th. We will have a table with information about masks and materials on hand for guests to make their own. Fighter practice might also be there depending on space availability and/or the weather.  If there is a practice it will start at noon and go until 3pm. The masks presentation will start at 1pm to give us time to set up and end at 4pm for clean up time.

The Shire of Carlsby is hosting RUSH on November 5th. This is gearing up to be a fantastic event that is relatively close to home (yay for carpools and daytrips!). If you are interested there is still time to sign up at We encourage everyone to go, have fun, and learn something new!!!

Keep up with updates and cancellations by signing up on our mailing list ( or joining us on Facebook ( See whats ahead by adding our Baronial Calendar (|list) and visiting the Kingdom Calendar (

In ever faithful service,
Baron Uldin of Ravenscroft and Baroness Sung Sai-rh

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