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Barony of Vatavia

The Barony of Vatavia is a regional group within the Kingdom of Calontir.   We are members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, better known as the SCA.  Vatavia is home to Wichita, Kansas, and the greater surrounding area.  We have members from as far away as Peabody, Pratt, and Winfield!

The SCA is an international organization renowned for its dedication towards researching and recreating aspects of the Middle Ages, not as they were, but as we would have liked them to have been.  The SCA mostly concentrates on studying European History, but many members have chosen to study the Middle East and explore the interaction between Europe and Asia during this period.

If you are unfamiliar with the Society for Creative Anachronism, check out the Society's Introduction Guide for an explanation about the organization and what it is we do.

If you are already familiar with how we do things, great!  Our site provides additional information about the events and people of interest within Vatavia, and you are always welcome to come join us Wednesday evenings at Make ICT.  We always have something going on - be sure to check out our Interest Groups page for more information and directions to many of our activities!

Please note that you need not be a member to participate in any of our activities. If you have any questions, or would like help getting involved, please visit our Chatelaine page or contact our Chatelaine directly.  We'd love to hear from you!


We are so excited to see the entries starting to come in for the Medieval Olympics, we have a team from Theobald College, Westumbria and the Boarderlands as well as Vatavia. It is not too late! Start Gathering your materials ( glue, hammer, tape measure, and marshmallow of course) Don't miss out, this series of games promises to be lots of fun!! Sign up as soon as possible. To register your team and arrange for material kit delivery contact Robert the Scot @ So, Do not Delay.

We are still looking for both Valor and Coronation Bids!!

Congratulations to Lady Alia Martialis, she has been selected as our new Barony Minister of Arts and Sciences. She comes to us from the far lands of Caid with lots of great ideas and experience. Please contact her with class needs and ideas. Many thanks to Lady Eyfridr Geirsdottir for her dedication and hard work with the office over the last three years. She has shared many new skills, talents and activities which have been great learning experiences and are much appreciated.

We have a new Minister of Youth stepping up!! I am excited to announce that Lady Murisaki has agreed to take up this challenge. Congratulations, we look forward to seeing increased youth mentoring. Congratulations to Lady Heidi Draper, she will be taking up the mantle of Archery Marshal. We are excited to see new enthusiasm and dedication to building up our Archery Corr. Thank you to Konrad for all his work in this position.

Wednesday, September 16th, Populace: Discussion on favorite fall or Harvest Traditions (Due to unforeseen circumstances the Arts and Science Embroidery Class with Duchess BelAnna will be ReScheduled for a later date. 7:00pm - 9:00pm on Zoom Meeting ID: 880 4568 0508

Passcode: 273579

Find your local number:

Saturday, September 19th, Delivery of Catapult kits

Pre Arrange delivery with Robert the Scot by Signing up your team as soon as possible.'

Sunday, September 20th, Catapult Construction Day

7:00pm - 9:00pm - Zoom

Get your team together, we will zoom the assembly of our Catapults for the Medieval Olympic games on Wednesday, September 23rd.

Wednesday, September 24th, Medieval Olympics - Catapult games

7:00pm - 9:00pm - Zoom

Sunday, September 27th, Archery, and Thrown Weapons Practice / Social

9:00 am - 3:00pm -Pot luck (Meat will be provided) Please bring snacks to share 2806 Malloy St., Hutchinson Ks.

Everyone is welcome to come and socialize and practice. Bring your archery equipment, throwing knives and axes, chair or stool, a drinking vessel, and a face mask or face shield. We will also have patterns and equipment for making arm guards, as well as arrow making jig and a few repair supplies available. There are also two pells for those that might wish to do some individual pell work/practice. We also want to encourage anyone wishing to bring arts and science projects to come and socialize.

Wednesday, September 30th, Dirty Dozen Display/Competition

7:00pm - 9:00pm Zoom

Official Armored Combat & Cut and Thrust Practice continue to be CANCELLED.

Looking Ahead -

Wednesday, October 7th Officers - Location TBD

Sunday, October 11th, Archery Practice

Wednesday, October 14th Arts and Science - TBD

Saturday, October 17th, Submission deadline for the Dragonflyer

Wednesday, October 21st, Populace -Medieval Olympic Game- Illumination event

Sunday, October 25th, Archery Practice

Wednesday, October 28th, Arts and Science - TBD

Kingdom Event - hosted locally

February 20th - Winter War Maneuvers

Award Recommendations

There are always many good, hardworking, creative people in this Barony and Kingdom who are worthy of Recognition. Please send in award recommendations for all the wonderful things you have seen here at home as well as around the Kingdom. Anyone may write a recommendation for any award, regardless if you are a member of the order or not. Please donft wait, do it now!!! It will only take a few minutes of your time, but can bring so much joy and love to others. Be sure to check the OP(Order of Precedence) before you submit a recommendation.

Kingdom Award Recommendation form -

Kingdom Order of Precedence -

We also want to encourage you to submit Award recognitions for Baronial Awards

Baronial Award Recommendation -

Baronial Order of Precedence -

Lines of Communication Stay up to date on activities and cancellations by joining us on Facebook. See what's ahead by adding our Baronial Calendar and visiting the Kingdom Calendar. Please feel free to send an email to either or We are happy to hear from you, and try to answer all emails within 24 to 48 hours.

Baron Lawrence Tailifer the Leech and Baroness Genevieve de Chambery

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